Policies & Procedures

How to request support

  • Phone – During standard business hours, all calls should be answered by a member of our team. In the unlikely event you have to leave a voicemail, it should be returned within 1 hour. If you do have to leave a message during standard business hours and do not receive a response within 1 hour, please call back (it means something went wrong). During non-business hours, all non-emergency calls will be returned in the order they were received on the next business day. Any emergency support requests received after hours will page our on call technician and, if not immediately answered, we will respond within 4 hours.
  • Email – Email support can be requested by sending an email to help@ctc.co and you should receive an autoresponse from our ticketing system confirming that we received your request. During business hours, all email support requests should receive a response within 1 hour. If you do send a support email during business hours and do not receive a response within 1 hour, please resend the request or call if you can (it means something went wrong). If you need to request emergency support during non-business hours, simply include the word “emergency” in the subject of your email and our on-call support technician will be paged. Please note that the applicable after-hours or holiday rates will apply.
  • Website – Support can also be requested from the Contact Us page of our website. Just like the email request, you can include the word “Emergency” in the subject for emergency support outside of standard business hours.

Authorized Contacts

The safety and security of the information and equipment that you entrust to our care is of paramount importance for our team. To help ensure that we don’t accidentally release that information and / or equipment to the wrong person, we maintain a list of authorized contacts for you or your organization. If someone other than the authorized contact requests to pick up repaired equipment or discuss client details, we will reach out to the authorized contact prior to any discussion (we will avoid disclosing that the client is even a client until we’re able to confirm with an authorized contact that we can disclose that with the third party).

Hourly Rates

All work is billed in quarter hour increments with no minimum during standard business hours. Standard business hours for non-MyIT clients are Monday through Friday, 9:00am until 5:00p ET, excluding holidays. Standard business hours for MyIT clients are Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm ET, excluding holidays. Please note that after hours / emergency service is available to commercial and MyIT clients only. We do bill a $45 trip charge for any travel up to 50 miles. Any travel greater than 50 miles will be billed as Advanced Travel.

  • Residential – $75 per hour. Please note that we prioritize commercial projects before residential projects.
  • Commercial – $95 per hour.
  • After Hours (non-holiday) – $142.50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.
  • Holidays – $190 per hour with a 4 hour minimum.

Advanced Travel

Advanced Travel charges apply to any travel greater than 50 miles from our office (per Google Maps) or that require additional transportation or lodging expense. Please note that Advanced Travel is available to Commercial and MyIT Clients only. Additional conditions may apply to international travel.

  • Transportation – Airfare and rental car fees are to be prepaid by the client prior to the start of travel. Additional transportation fees (ride-share, tolls, etc.) will be billed to the client.
  • Lodging – Hotel and other lodging will be pre-paid by the client prior to the start of travel.
  • Per Deim – A per-deim rate equal to the federal per diem plus 20%, excluding lodging, will be billed for all advanced Travel.


Our standard practice is to always have someone available but, in the event that is not possible, we will prioritize support requests based on the following metrics.

1 User ImpactedComputer is slow but usable
Some limited functionality
Low / Normal
Multiple Users ImpactedMultiple users with limited functionalityNormal
1 User DownSingle user completely unable to work
(does not include high-value user or principal)
1 User DownHigh-value user or principalHigh
Multiple Users DownMultiple users completely unable to workHigh
Server(s) ImpactedServer(s) running slowly but availableHigh
Server(s) DownServer(s) unavailableCritical
Network ImpactedNetwork running slow, some or all users impactedHigh
Network DownNetwork completely down, all users affectedCritical
Suspected Security EventUser clicked phishing link, antivirus alerted on potential virus, etc.High
Confirmed Security IncidentClear indication of compromiseCritical

Invoicing and Payments

  • Unless otherwise noted, payment is due upon receipt.
  • We require payment in full for any / all materials in advance.
  • Absolutely no refunds or returns on special orders.
  • Estimates are valid for up to 7 days unless otherwise noted.
  • All prices include estimated taxes and shipping.

Late Fees

  • A late fee equal to the greater of $25 or 10% of the balance due will be applied to any balance not paid by the posted due date.