I have had nothing but good experience with Nathan and his team

Nathan and his team at Cyber Tech Cafe have provided IT Support for our office for the last six years.  They have always been responsive, courteous and professional and have been able to resolve anything that we’ve given them.  In addition to excellent technical expertise, they also provide excellent communication during and upon completion of their work.

I have had nothing but good experience with Nathan and his team and would not hesitate to recommend their services

Kelly Elrod

Office Manager, Walk-In MD

If you are looking to outsource your IT department, look no further

If you are looking to outsource your IT department, look no further because Cyber Tech Cafe (CTC) is the group that will fulfill all your technology consulting needs.  They are quick to respond and will take the pain out of your technology challenges. Nathan and his team of experts take the time to listen and understand your current business condition, what you have experienced previously from other providers and outline a plan of action to bring you into the CTC family.  Whether you need one-on-one support or set your business on autopilot and maintenance, they will find a solution that best suits your requirements. You’ll wish you had found them sooner.

Andrea Lopez-Schlapia

Founder/CEO, Ironstone HQ

“Always recommended”

“Always recommended. Best folks around. Very knowledgeable, customer oriented, prompt and attentive to the little details.”

Randy Brown

“Very knowledgeable and professional”

“Very knowledgeable and professional!”

Chris Hemphill

” I think Cyber Tech Cafe is great”

“I think Cyber Tech Cafe is great. Very convenient for people in the Cartersville area. Sure beats a drive out of town to get good service. The weekly emails are very informative and let you know what to be on the look out for when it comes to attacks on computer systems. I don’t know whom sends out the emails but keep up the great work.”

Greg West

“Always willing to help”

“Always willing to help! Only people I recommend!”

Chris Stewart

“Awesome customer service”

“Awesome customer service and always willing to help.”

Joe Stika

“Really easy working with them”

“Really easy working with them and they helped out a lot! If you have tech problems and you’re in the Cartersville area go check them out!”

Blake Cheek

“Excellent experience”

“I had an excellent experience with Cyber Tech Cafe. Nathan was kind enough to talk through some things with my by email for 2 weeks and Scott took great care of my Macbook pro installing a new keyboard. Very fair price, fast turnaround and thorough making sure everything worked before giving it back. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for the services they offer. Thanks guys!”

Ryan Tomblinson

“People you can trust”

“I have taken several computers to them. They always do a great job and at a fair price. People you can trust.”

Reece Vermeer

“Excellent Staff, very reasonable fees”

“Was ready to slam my laptop against the wall but called Cyber Cafe instead, laptop was checked out, problem solved and I am now happy. Excellent staff, very reasonable fees, prompt service and they stay in touch with you. Everything done that we talked about plus an extra or two. If you need help with your computer, check out Cyber Cafe. You’ll be glad you did.”

Joy Bevil

“Love these people”

“Love these people they are the best. I have tried other techs but no matches the experience and the “know how” of Nathan and his staff. Hands down the best there is!”

The Moovers Inc

OpSec is hard. Lessons learned from the Twitter hack arrests.

Industry News, Tech news
As many of you may already know, social media platform Twitter was attacked on 15 July 2020 and 130 high-profile accounts were taken over and used in a scam to collect Bitcoin. During the attack, there was a lot of discussion and marvel at the scope and complexity of the attack and a $1 million bounty was offered to "those who successfully track down and provide evidence for bringing to justice the hackers / people" [behind the attack]. Coverage of the attack and 'buzz' on social media continued for a couple of days. Fast forward to this morning and one of the first things in my news feed was an article that the 17 year old alleged mastermind of the attack was arrested after authorities tracked him down using a…
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Adobe issues emergency update to multiple products

Adobe issues emergency update to multiple products

Industry News, Tech news
Adobe has released emergency updates to address critical vulnerabilities in multiple products including Photoshop, Bridge and Prelude. The vulnerabilities could be used by an attacker to gain access to unpatched systems. Additional Info https://threatpost.com/critical-adobe-photoshop-flaws-patched-in-emergency-update/157581/
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Excellent articles / video series from the FTC on protecting Small Business from Cyber Threats

CTC NEWS, Industry News, Tech news
The FTC has released an excellent (and short) video series highlighting some excellent information to help small businesses better understand cyber threats and steps they can take to protect themselves. The videos all relatively short (I believe the longest so far is around four minutes +/-) and the concepts are simple (but not easy). If you own, manage or work for a small business, this is an excellent resource and definitely one that I would recommend checking out. US CERT ArticleFTC ArticleFCC Video Series Are you a small to medium sized business looking to leverage technology and enable your business and workforce to work smarter and more efficiently? Do you already have computers, servers, firewalls, VPNs or other technology that you're not taking full advantage of? Are you looking for…
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Happy Independence Day

From all of us at Cyber Tech Cafe to all of you and yours, we hope you have a happy Independence Day.God Bless you and yours and God Bless the United States of America.
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Microsoft issues emergency security update

CTC NEWS, Industry News, Tech news
A private security researcher discovered two bugs affecting Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 that can allow a remote attacker to take remote control of a computer if a user opens a specially crafted image. The bug was reported to Microsoft and updates to fix the bugs were issued earlier today. Additiinal information is available here .
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Can I use Windows 7 and / or Windows Server 2008 and still be HIPAA compliant?

Tech news
On 14 January of this year, Microsoft ended support for its Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 workstation and server operating systems. This meant that neither Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 would receive any additional security updates or support from Microsoft. Based on this, I believe that the short answer is no. The HIPAA Security Rule requires that all software used by Covered Entities and their Business Associates be kept up to date with updates from the [software] manufacturer. This means the Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management software as well as the Operating Systems. In the case of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, since the manufacturer [Microsoft] no longer provides support or updates, this simply is not possible, even if your EMR, EHR,…
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June 2020 News & Updates

June 2020 News & Updates

Industry News, Monthly Newsletters, Tech news
Executive Summary Criminals continue to take advantage of remote workers connecting to work resources via home networks with (often) lax security controls. In many cases, these unprotected home networks that are connected via VPN connections back to the office are giving attackers an opportunity to completely bypass the corporate firewall.Based on number of bugs patched, June 2020 marks Microsoft's largest Patch Tuesday to date with 129 (or 130, depending on who you ask) bugs patched, with 115 in March 2020 and 113 in April 2020 pulling a close second and third.Adobe released significant security updates for Flash Player and Framemaker that could allow an attacker remote access to vulnerable systems.Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are now six months out of support from Microsoft, meaning they are no longer being…
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Another day, another phishing scam (or two)

CTC NEWS, Industry News, Tech news
As more and more people continue to work from home, we are seeing attackers leveraging social engineering tactics like phishing even more frequently, knowing that these teleworkers are typically not behind a corporate firewall that would likely block their malicious payloads. With that in mind, I received two emails today that highlight some of the ways that we can identify phishing and avoid becoming a statistic. Both emails appear to be from very different senders with very different approaches but, ultimately, with the same end game; get me to click on a malicious link. The sample below is a simple based email attempting to capitalize on the users fear that their email is about to go away and, if they don't act fast, they will lose data. Note that the…
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