The Cyber Tech Cafe MyIT Program is based on the CIS 18 Critical Security Controls and is designed to address the things that actually impact your organization from an IT / IS perspective. It’s a little different from other Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) offerings, so we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions below. If we missed anything or if you have questions that aren’t covered though, just let us know.

  • Do I have to sign a contractor or agreement? No. We believe that, if you find value in what we do, you’ll keep us around without a piece of paper saying that you have to.
  • How do you bill for the MyIT Service? The MyIT Program is priced based on the number of servers and workstations that we manage for your environment. This pricing model allows it to easily scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • What is the minimum and maximum number of computers for the MyIT Program? The minimum is three and we don’t currently have a maximum.
  • I have 10 computers but only want to cover 8 of them, is that an option? Unfortunately not. The objective of the MyIT program is to help our clients maintain a secure, stable environment. Only maintaining some of the systems would be like only changing one tire or some of the spark plugs in your car. Those remaining would quickly become the weak link and would expose the entire environment to risk.
  • If we need to add computers, what do we do? We refer to this as staging. There are a couple of different options, depending on the need. In some cases, the customers ship the computers to us to get them staged and then we ship them to the end user. In some cases, this is just added to our todo list for the next visit to the customer site and, in some cases, we take care of it remotely. Ultimately though, just let us know and we’ll take care of it whichever way works best for you.
  • If we need to remove computers , what do we do? We refer to this as decommissioning. This can generally be done 100% remote, just let us know which one(s) need to be decommissioned. We will provide a list of computers that we believe can be decommissioned, but we will not decommission them without your specific direction to make sure that we don’t accidentally decommission one that shouldn’t be decommissioned.
  • Do you manage backups? Absolutely. If you don’t currently have a backup in place, we will work with you to set one up that meets your needs. Also, as part of the regular MyIT Monthly Service, we will test your backup monthly by doing a test restore. We prefer to have the client give us a specific version of a specific file to restore (if we can restore it, it’s working, if we can’t , it isn’t, no opportunity for smoke-and-mirrors). If the customer doesn’t want to provide a file and version, we will pick one at random. Either way, we will note which file was restored in the monthly report.
  • Do you check my antivirus? We use and recommend ESET antivirus and, for MyIT customers that have ESET antivirus, we will check the antivirus as part of the regular monthly maintenance. For MyIT Silver and Gold customers with ESET, we will also configure real-time alerts to automatically come to us so that we have real-time alerts.

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