New Helpdesk is Live!!

In September of 2011, I sent out an email asking for help, feedback to help us serve our customers better.  Since that email, we have been working to implement some of the changes requested to better serve you.  Some of the easier changes were the Priority Blocks and Regular Monthly Updates, which seem to be working very well.  Some of the other changes have taken a little longer to implement and are finally coming to fruition.  One of the things that was requested was a way for our customers to see their open tickets (work being done) and closed tickets (work already done).  The point was made that, although we try to keep everyone up-to-date via email, we often have the tool that our customers use for email, so the updates go unseen until the work is complete.  We needed a way to let customers ‘see’ the work being done, ‘see’ the updates and make comments and give us direction while we had their computer in house.  I am exited to announce that, in addition to a lot of other very cool features, we now have that ability.  In the July newsletter, I indicated that we would be testing a new helpdesk / CRM application to help us better serve you, our customers.  We have been testing the new system for some time now and I am excited to announce that we rolled it out earlier today on a provisional basis.  We will be working over the weekend to get any bugs or wrinkles out and will be 100% converted by first thing Monday morning.  Nothing has to change regarding the way that support requests are currently submitted, updated or closed, that’s the good news.  The better news is that we will be adding tons of cool new features now with more down the line as we grow into our new system.  Some important things to note:


What Will Not Change:

– Tickets can still be submitted by emailing

– Tickets can still be submitted by calling 770.386.8900 or 877.534.8188

– Tickets can still be submitted via our website ( -> Contact Us ->  Request Support)


Exciting New Features:

– Customer Support Center – I am extremely excited about the new Customer Support Center.  We will be publishing a link to it later on the Cyber Tech Cafe website and you will receive a direct link to it with each ticket.  The Customer Support Center will allow you to open new tickets, check on and update the status of existing tickets and review closed / old tickets.  The Customer Support Center will also have the latest news and announcements from Cyber Tech Cafe including our monthly newsletter.


– Manager Access – Everyone will have access to view *their* information and *their* tickets.  You also have the option of deletating ‘managers’ that have access to all of the tickets in your organization.


– Better communication on progress – When a ticket is created, you will receive an email notification with details about your ticket (ticket number, etc.) and a link to the Customer Support Center for more information and updates.