Backtrack 5 R3 released

One of my favorite Linux distributions is Backtrack.  Backtrack is a penetration testing distribution and includes (among a *lot* of other things) the Metasploit framework, which is the tool that we typically use in demos for showing how easily an attacker can breach a network.  Metasploit includes tools to scan for hosts (computers / potential victims), check for vulnerabilities, exploit any available vulnerabilities and install software (viruses, malware, etc.) via those exploited vulnerabilities and then interact with the newly compromised systems (including using those systems to then compromise new systems).  By default, Metasploit is command line only, but Backtrack inlcudes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that makes the process even easier.  It’s tyipcally not a user-friendly tool for new users or those unfamiliar with security but it can be a real eye-opener for folks that think that it’s difficult to attack computer systems.


The Backtrack 5 R3 release focused on bugfixes but added more than 60 new tools, several of which were released at Blackhat Defcon in Vegas this year.  I am downloading my copy now and hope to have it installed later today.  I suspect that I will be spending some time on open wifi in the next few days / weeks to play with my new toy.