Cyber Tech Cafe mail server IP address blacklisted

At some point yesterday, one of the Cyber Tech Cafe mail server IP Addresses was blacklisted and a large number of emails were rejected by receiving servers.  We have isolated the problem (we believe, more on this below) and have contacted the various blacklists to get de-listed but some email is still being rejected.  We expect that this will continue through the evening and, for some providers, through mid-day tomorrow.  We will continue monitoring this and will post when the issue has been resolved.  In the interim, we will try to keep everyone up-to-date on their tickets via phone and all updates are also posted to the Customer Service Center at .


The problem appears to have been a routing glitch that allowed traffic from one of our bench networks (where we work on broken / infected computers) to reach the Internet reporting an IP address of one of our ‘trusted’ networks (as luck would have it, an IP address that we also use for outbound email).  We have corrected the routing so I don’t expect this to be an issue in the future.