Android Jelly Bean (v4.1) coming to Galaxy SIII and Note 10.1 ‘very soon’

My fondness of the Android Operating System is nothing new (note, I do not *dislike* iOS [the Apple one or ios, the Cisco one], I just prefer Android and like the ability to do develoment ‘stuff’ directly on my phone and share it if I want) and my journey to the Samsung Galaxy SIII is familar to pretty much anyone that’s watched our Facebook page for the last year or so (since the Galaxy SIII was announced).  Anyway, the next ‘big thing’ was just announced, albiet kindof vaguely.  According to this article, Jelly Bean (the latest version of Google’s Android Operating System) is coming to the Galaxy SIII and Note 10.1 ‘very soon’.  There’s a list of new features on the What’s New page for Android (and there are some cool ones) but the ones that I am most interested in are the ones dealing specifically with the ability to make the phone work for you (hey, you have an appointment, would you like to email everyone attending to let them know you’re running late, etc.).  My phone is quickly becoming a must-have business tool (a replacement for my much loved Steven Covey organizer) and the hardware that Samsung has put together in the SIII (the note is cool too, but it’s HUGE) just seems like a match made in heaven.  Suffice it to say, I’m excited about getting Jelly Bean on my phone.  I’ll wait a week or so after everyone else (ok, so maybe not quite a week) to make sure that it doesn’t kill anything.