Forging new relationships

  1. Our focus on relationships is a key to our company’s success
    1. Customer Relationships
    2. Vendor Relationships
    3. New Relationships
  2. Customer Relationships
    1. We understand and appreciate that there are a lot of options for technology support and work hard to be a resource for our clients, not just a computer or network support company.
    2. Approach any new opportunity as a long term engagement rather than short term project
  3. Vendor Relationships
    1. Extensive list of vendors from previous experience
    2. Long standing relationships with existing account managers
    3. Ability to ‘pick’ proven vendors from a wide range of choices based on field experience with the products and / or services and long standing relationships with account managers. 
    4. Ability to leverage these relationships to bring enterprise class products, services and pricing to small business and even residential clients.
  4. New Relationships
    1. Approach new vendors with caution.  Will this product or service bring value to our clients?  Will this vendor understand our client’s business and operate in a way that brings value to that business?
    2. Approach new customer relationships with caution.  Is this a good fit for the customer?  Is this a good fit for Cyber Tech Cafe?
  5. Conclusion
    1. Our relationship with Dell began in 1997, 5 years before the company formed
    2. Our relationship with SonicWALL began in 2001
    3. Our relationship with HP
    4. Our relationship with Cisco