Did someone that you know just lose their computer guy? Be a hero and recommend Cyber Tech Cafe :)

In the past 3 days, we’ve had a number of folks tell us that they or someone that they know is ‘losing their computer guy’ and wanted to know what we did and if we may be able to take over.  I wanted to take a moment to confirm that we are accepting new clients and give some quick details about what we do / can do:


Residential computer support – Customers can drop computers by our shop on Main Street in Cartersville for repair or we can come on site.  We can take care of anything from hardware repair and upgrades, software installation or just basic tune-ups (which are $35 and typical turn around is 2 to 3 day)


Business computer and network support – We can operate as your internal IT support staff, taking care of all of the day to day maintenance tasks or, if you already have an IT person or staff, we can augment your existing staff for projects or just an extra set of hands.


Remote support – As long as the computer / computers in question are connected to the Internet, we can work on them remotely to solve many problems.


Network security – Firewall installation, maintenance and remote monitoring, secure remote access, penetration testing, etc.


VPN – Secure, remote connectivity for branch office or ‘road warrior’ employees.


Preventative maintenance (typically monthly) – no-contract, fixed-price monthly maintenance for businesses.


There are a lot of additional details that I’ve just skimmed over but I wanted to get the word out quickly and I have a tendency to be ‘wordy’, so short and sweet seemed like the way to go.  If you or someone that you know is in need of tech support or if your (or someone you know) current tech support company is going away, certainly let us know.