October 2012 Patch Tuesday

October will see seven bulletins from Microsoft, one addressing a vulnerability listed as critical in Microsoft Office and Windows Server, nothing (yet) from Adobe since APSA12-01 and Java will have it’s ‘regular’ update, currently scheduled for 16 October (it’s been eerily quiet from the Oracle camp lately).  There are a few other noteworthy items this month that I will covering in additional articles.  


Microsoft released 7 bulletins this moth including 1 critical and 7 listed as important.  The critical bulletin addresses a vulnerability in Microsoft Office and Windows Server.  The vulnerability in Office seems to be being downplayed a bit, noting that it ‘only really affects Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word 2010’.  The downside though is that it can allow remote code execution and I really don’t know that many folks that have Microsoft Office installed without Word.    Additional details, including executive summaries of each bulletin, are available from Microsoft here.


Things have been relatively quiet for the last few weeks from Adobe.  As always though, there’s always tomorrow and zero day vulnerabilities typically aren’t announced.  Up-to-date information from Adobe can always be found here.


Java is the big winner (loser?) again this month.  Things seem to be pretty quiet right now but, if you don’t *have to have* Java installed, my recommendation would be to not have it installed.  If you do have to have it installed, you need to make sure that you’re using the latest version and check for updates frequently.  Java downloads are available here.

Monthly Update Clients
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