Windows 8 already compromised?

Ok, for the record, our stance on new Microsoft operating systems is (and always has been) to hold off until at least Service Pack 1 and let someone else find all of the undocumented features.  There have been a few exceptions here (Windows 98SE [yes, it was technically a new release and not a SP for Windows 98] from Windows 95, Windows 200 from Windows ME [uggggh, what a horrible thing that was] and Windows 7 from Windows Vista [or, as we refer to it, Windows ME2]).  All in all though, it’s not a good idea to be an early adopter of a new Windows Operating System.  Window 8 is really no different and it should come as no surprise that Vupen has already found a zero day in the week old up-and-coming flagship OS from Redmond.  So, if you’ve already taken the Windows 8 plunge, know that you’re in uncharted waters and there has already been at least one confirmed shark sighting.  If you’ve not made the move yet, I would recommend holding off (until at least SP1) to let others find the pitfalls.  Also, let someone else figure out what happened to the start button and what the easiest way to turn off the tiles is 🙂


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