iPhone bug that allows *anyone* access to your contacts, photos, SMS and voicemails resurfaces in latest iOS update

If you have an iPhone and have been prompted to or have recently updated to iOS 6.1 (the latest update to the iPhone), be forewarned that an old bug has resurfaced that can allow anyone to access your voicemails, contacts and photos even if the phone is locked and password protected.  Ars Technica has a really good write up so I won’t belabor it here but it’s worth noting especially if your phone gets stolen (don’t get me started).  If you haven’t updated yet and this is a concern for you, I wouldn’t update until Apple fixes the issue (or at least acknowledges it and provides a work-around).  If you have updated and this is a concern, if you haven’t already installed Prey on your phone, now would be a really good time to do so so that you can lock the phone remotely (while giving law enforcement a Google map to where the phone is).


Full Article on Ars