Possible email hiccups over the weekend (16 March – 17 March 2013) | Adding a new domain name (ctc.co) and new SPAM filter

Cyber Tech Cafe

The short story

We are making some internal changes at Cyber Tech Cafe that may result in some email ‘weirdness’ on Saturday and Sunday.  These issues will be resolved by 6:00am Monday morning but, if you send emails to us Saturday and Sunday, some messages may be delayed or bounced.  If you send us an email over the weekend and do not a) get an autoresponse from the helpdesk (some folks have requested that these be disabled so, if that’s you, you won’t get an autoresponse) and b) you don’t hear back from us first thing Monday morning, your email was likely fodder for our new fangled SPAM filter (or, it was just unlucky enough to come in while Nathan was tweaking something).


For those craving details 🙂

New Domain Name – We love the name Cyber Tech Cafe, but the domain name is just, well, long.  So, we’ve purchased ctc.co and are in the process or setting that up as an *additional* domain name (all of the old cybertechcafe.net stuff will still work).  We’ve had it live for a little while now to make sure that there are no surprises but will be ‘officially’ making it available (e.g., telling folks about it) on Monday.  All of us still have our user@cybertechcafe.net email addresses but, now, we also have user@ctc.co.  We also have support@ctc.co and, the even shorter, help@ctc.co.

SPAM Filter – We are replacing our aged SPAM filter with a new hybrid open source / homegrown SPAM filter that, once we get the bugs worked out, expect to begin offering to our clients.  In the interim though, there will likely be some email quirky-ness the first of next week as we’re squashing the aforementioned bugs.