Scam Alert : the fake support calls are going around again

Scam AlertDon’t get Scammed.  

You’re sitting at your computer and, from out of nowhere, you either get a phone call or a pop-up message saying that the person on the other end of the phone or chat session is from Microsoft / Google / Some other well known company and they have found a problem with your computer.  They are very professional, very courteous and offer to fix the problem at no charge if they can have remote access to your computer.  It seems strange but, after all, they’re from Microsoft / Google / Some other well known company, so it must be legit.  You hesitate but, ultimately, you relent and grant access.  It only takes a moment to realize that something horrible has just happened.


Moral of the story, Microsoft / Google / Some other well known company is not going to call to offer free support on a problem that you didn’t even know that you were having.  If you get one of these calls or ‘chat sessions’, recognize it as a scam.  This was a popular scam some time ago and, all of a sudden, we are seeing more and more of this kind of activity again and want to make sure that you were on the lookout.


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