First Linux PC ready for a new home

Project Get Off Your Can And Do What You Can is under way!!

Last month, we posted an article that we would be accepting donations of older Windows XP computers, refurbishing them with Linux and then giving them away for free to folks that don’t have a computer.  I am excited to annonce that the project is moving along nicely and seems to be taking a little bit of shape.  We have had a few computers donated so far and, in the availability section, we have two that are ready

Eligibility Requirements

We currently do not have the resources to determine who does and does not ‘need’ these computers so currently the only elegibility requirements are that you come by and ask for one.  If we have one ready, we’ll boot it up for you and show you that it works and you’re good to go.  My hope is that, at least until we can get some type of vetting process in place, the integrity of the folks that find out about it will be sufficient.   

Minimum Requirements for donated equipment.  We want to make certain that these computers are usable for the folks that get them and do not want to become a junk yard.  

  • Intel Pentium 4 / Core 2 Duo  or AMD Athlon
  • 1GB RAM
  • 120GB Hard Drive
  • Able to boot to our diagnostic disk

Upcoming Plans:

  • We’re looking at doing some Youtube videos with basic howtos in Linux.  Right now, we’re looking at simple things like creating a document or spreadsheet that’s compatible with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, how to surf the Internet, how to setup email, etc.


I am excited to announce that the first computers are ready to go.  At this time, we have 1 that’s completely ready and one that should be ready by close of business today.


These computers are being given away at no charge.  We are building, testing and burning them in overnight and believe that they are in good working order but cannot offer any warranty, explicit or implied, with any of them.