Significant Security Updates from Adobe

Ok, so this is ripped direct from the article on SANS, but Adobe has released several updates with the August updates.  The download in the earlier email also work but, looking at the issues addressed, this is worth a separate post.  

Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Adobe Reader, and Acrobat. The updates are rated as critical and an impressive number of CVE entries. CVE-2014-0538, CVE-2014-0540, CVE-2014-0541, CVE-2014-0542, CVE-2014-0543, CVE-2014-0544, CVE-2014-0545, CVE-2014-0546. Summary: update now. 

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All users are encouraged to install these updates.  These updates will be automatically applied at the next reboot for Cyber Tech Cafe MyIT clients.