Mac users take note. The “Shellshock” bug affects you.

ShellshockImportant information for Mac users regarding the Shellshock bug

The Shellshock bug was announced on 24 September as a vulnerability in the Bash shell, present on many Unix and Unix like operating systems.  Somewhat burried in the story was that this also affected Mac OSX based computers becuase, on the backend, they are basically Unix (ok, so it’s BSD, but the important thing to remember is that it’s got Bash).  We originally shared this article via our Facebook page on 25 September and it mentioned the fact that Macs were vulnerable, but we’ve gotten a number of questions on the subject and I wanted to get the word out there.  The short story is that, if you have a Mac that’s running any version of OSX, this vulnerabilty can affect you.  Apple has released an update to address the issue that can be installed automatically by clicking Apple (top right of your screen) -> Software Update -> Update All.


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