Ubiquiti Breach – Change your password, enable 2FA

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Ubiquiti has been notifying it's customers today (Monday, 11 January 2021) that it had "...became aware of unauthorized access to its systems hosted by a third-party cloud provider...". The notification email was relatively vague (screenshot below) but he point of the email was very clear, change your password and enable 2FA if you haven't already. According to the notification, the data that any potential attackers were able to get was minimal (name, email address, and the one-way encrypted password to your account and address and phone number if you provided it) but, to a skilled attacker, certainly not low value. If you have any Ubiquiti gear deployed, we would recommend taking this opportunity to change the password and enable 2FA. Additional information TechCrunch ArticleKrebs on Secutity
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