Cyber Tech Cafe is now recommending ESET / NOD32 for both Commercial AND Residential users (over Microsoft Security Essentials for both)

The virus market is in a constant state of flux as the folks writing the viruses improve their products and the companies combating the viruses react to the improvements.  This dynamic state has made recommending a single antivirus product challenging at times and, along the way, we’ve changed our recommendations to meet the current challenges.  In the past, we have recommended AVG (for those keeping score, that was pre Ewido AVG), we’ve recommended ClamAv (we still recommend ClamAV for Linux, btw) and more recently have been quite fond of Microsoft Security Essentials as our ‘first tier’ products and have recommended ESET / NOD32 as our second tier product.  Recently though, we have seen growing trend in computers protected by Microsoft Security Essentials and often fully patched and updated becoming infected by zero day (or near-zero-day) exploits.  As a result, we are now recommending ESET / NOD32 antivirus for all of our commercial AND residential clients.  The ESET / NOD32 product is priced competitively with other more ‘consumer oriented’ products from Symantec, McAfee, Trend, etc. but we have found it to have a smaller footprint, better heuristics engine and better detection rate (with a smaller false-positive rate) than it’s competitors.  Like it’s competitors, it offers a 30 day free trial for those wishing to try before you buy and, on customers request, we will still install Microsoft Security Essentials if a pay product is not an option.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via phone (770.386.8900), Facebook or our website.