December 2012 Patch Tuesday and News


The December Microsoft updates include 5 listed as Critical and 2 listed as Important.  Three of the 5 Critical updates address problems in MS Windows, 2 affecting Windows Server products (primarily, Exchange) and one of those two affects Windows Server and Office.  All 5 of the critical vulnerabilities can allow remote code execution and one of of the Important vulnerabilities can allow remote code execution.  The remaining Important update can allow security feature bypass.  Multiple reboots are required for these updates.  Additional details are available from Microsoft here.


As of this post, I am not aware of any new Adobe vulnerabilities for December (the last that I’m aware of were mid / late November).  Additional details are available from Adobe here.


Ok, Java.  If you don’t need it, remove it.  If you do need it, check daily (or hourly) to make sure that you have the latest version.  Java downloads are available here.


I believe that the biggest news that I’ve seen thus far this month has been the ‘Cool’ crimeware toolkit, the rise in polymorphic viruses and the explosion of the ‘FBI’ virus.  It really wouldn’t surprise me to see some glaring link between these items.  

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