The End of an Era : Cyber Tech Cafe is suspending Web Hosting Operations

When we first opened Cyber Tech Café ten years ago, our goal was simple; to be a complete technology resource for residential and small to medium business customers. Our plan for achieving that goal was to provide exceptional quality products and services where we could and develop strategic partnerships with complimentary companies for those products and services that we were not equipped to provide directly. We would then continuously re-evaluate our client’s needs, our abilities and the market to make certain that we were providing the best solutions to our clients and not just the best that we could provide directly.

A number of years ago, it became clear that our clients low-voltage needs exceeded our low-voltage capabilities and we began looking for local low-voltage companies that shared our commitment to customer service and quality work to partner with. Through these strategic partnerships, we were able to deliver a higher quality low-voltage solution at a lower cost than we would have been able to deliver directly, a clear win-win for the client, for Cyber Tech Café and for our partners.

On January 15 of this year, we suffered a hardware failure on one of our production web hosting servers that resulted in 12 hours of sustained downtime for our customers, our longest sustained outage ever (the longest prior sustained outage was less than 4 hours). After careful review of the incident and multiple communications between Cyber Tech Café and the engineering staff at the datacenter to try to find a way to prevent such an outage from happening again, the difficult decision was made to look at other options. Quite simply, the cost of doing it right was more than we are able to absorb and not something that we’re comfortable passing along to our customers. Effective immediately, Cyber Tech Café will no longer be accepting new web hosting customers. We have been in negotiations with a number of companies that specialize in hosting and cloud services and will begin working with clients to migrate their websites and email in the coming weeks. We expect to have the details finalized with our preferred hosting company by weeks end and will be making a formal announcement of that relationship at that time.

It is going to be bitter sweet, but we are excited about this next chapter at Cyber Tech Café and are confident that this will be a win-win for all involved. Our clients will continue to enjoy the uptime that they have come to expect for their websites and we will be able to refocus the resources previously dedicated to the hosting operations to other areas of the company and exploring new opportunities.

Additional details are available on our website at including a quick FAQ on what this means for existing hosting customers.