Quickbooks Update Scam

We often get emails forwarded from customers (and soon to be customers 🙂 ) that they get from scammers and suspected scammers and I often wonder just how many folks actually fall for the scam. We got one today that is a perfect example of what to look for if you suspect you’re looking at a scam email and, at the same time, how to put together a really bad phishing email.

So, starting at the top, the domain name intuitquickbookssupports.com. A quick search at CentralOps confirms that this domain name was just registered in January of this year and that it’s registered at GoDaddy. Looking up intuit.com on the same site confirms that that’s not where Intuit registers their domain names.

Moving on down to the grammar of the message, one would assume that a well formatted email (that was proofread by someone at Intuit) would either say Our Monitoring System or our monitoring system, not Our Monitoring system, so that’s another yellow flag. Next, the Monitoring system detect? Nope, detected, the Monitoring system detected, not detect. There’s more (it’s like an Oxyclean commercial for bad scammers), your subscription will be ended soon?

If you have an IT Support person or company that you trust and you get an email that feels kindof scammy, forward it over to them for a quick second set of eyes as it could save you thousands in Green Dot cards. If you don’t have an IT Support person or company or if you’re unhappy with the one that you do have, we’d love an opportunity to earn your business.