I have had nothing but good experience with Nathan and his team

Nathan and his team at Cyber Tech Cafe have provided IT Support for our office for the last six years.  They have always been responsive, courteous and professional and have been able to resolve anything that we’ve given them.  In addition to excellent technical expertise, they also provide excellent communication during and upon completion of their work.

I have had nothing but good experience with Nathan and his team and would not hesitate to recommend their services

Kelly Elrod

Office Manager, Walk-In MD

If you are looking to outsource your IT department, look no further

If you are looking to outsource your IT department, look no further because Cyber Tech Cafe (CTC) is the group that will fulfill all your technology consulting needs.  They are quick to respond and will take the pain out of your technology challenges. Nathan and his team of experts take the time to listen and understand your current business condition, what you have experienced previously from other providers and outline a plan of action to bring you into the CTC family.  Whether you need one-on-one support or set your business on autopilot and maintenance, they will find a solution that best suits your requirements. You’ll wish you had found them sooner.

Andrea Lopez-Schlapia

Founder/CEO, Ironstone HQ

“Always recommended”

“Always recommended. Best folks around. Very knowledgeable, customer oriented, prompt and attentive to the little details.”

Randy Brown

“Very knowledgeable and professional”

“Very knowledgeable and professional!”

Chris Hemphill

” I think Cyber Tech Cafe is great”

“I think Cyber Tech Cafe is great. Very convenient for people in the Cartersville area. Sure beats a drive out of town to get good service. The weekly emails are very informative and let you know what to be on the look out for when it comes to attacks on computer systems. I don’t know whom sends out the emails but keep up the great work.”

Greg West

“Always willing to help”

“Always willing to help! Only people I recommend!”

Chris Stewart

“Awesome customer service”

“Awesome customer service and always willing to help.”

Joe Stika

“Really easy working with them”

“Really easy working with them and they helped out a lot! If you have tech problems and you’re in the Cartersville area go check them out!”

Blake Cheek

“Excellent experience”

“I had an excellent experience with Cyber Tech Cafe. Nathan was kind enough to talk through some things with my by email for 2 weeks and Scott took great care of my Macbook pro installing a new keyboard. Very fair price, fast turnaround and thorough making sure everything worked before giving it back. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for the services they offer. Thanks guys!”

Ryan Tomblinson

“People you can trust”

“I have taken several computers to them. They always do a great job and at a fair price. People you can trust.”

Reece Vermeer

“Excellent Staff, very reasonable fees”

“Was ready to slam my laptop against the wall but called Cyber Cafe instead, laptop was checked out, problem solved and I am now happy. Excellent staff, very reasonable fees, prompt service and they stay in touch with you. Everything done that we talked about plus an extra or two. If you need help with your computer, check out Cyber Cafe. You’ll be glad you did.”

Joy Bevil

“Love these people”

“Love these people they are the best. I have tried other techs but no matches the experience and the “know how” of Nathan and his staff. Hands down the best there is!”

The Moovers Inc

Windows 8 already compromised?

Ok, for the record, our stance on new Microsoft operating systems is (and always has been) to hold off until at least Service Pack 1 and let someone else find all of the undocumented features.  There have been a few exceptions here (Windows 98SE [yes, it was technically a new release and not a SP for Windows 98] from Windows 95, Windows 200 from Windows ME [uggggh, what a horrible thing that was] and Windows 7 from Windows Vista [or, as we refer to it, Windows ME2]).  All in all though, it's not a good idea to be an early adopter of a new Windows Operating System.  Window 8 is really no different and it should come as no surprise that Vupen has already found a zero day in the…
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What *else* could (should?) antivirus software do?

I saw this article today and it hit me that, dang, that would be an awesome tool to have from the antivirus, rather than having to try to go all CSI (from the article) to see what had been changed and, perhaps more importantly, how long ago it had been changed (2 seconds prior to the pop-up or 2 months ago, and it's been piping data to the attacker ever since).  There are server-side tools that can be installed to do this kind of thing (think tripwire and the like) but, for a simple workstation, I'm not aware of anything that will actually alert you when something was changed, only when it (the anti-virus tool) notices it.
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How do people make money off of viruses? Read on…

A question that we get asked regularly is "How do people make money from viruses?".  This is a topic that, for many, is hard to get their brain around.  I've covered several ways to 'monetize' malware in the past but saw this article this morning and wanted to share it with a quick op-ed. The article basically takes a look at malware designed to 'steal' money from advertisers by faking clicks (e.g., an advertiser pays to advertise on a page and is billed based on the number of people that 'click' on the advertising link).  This is only one way that criminals have found to monetize malware but the article does an excellent job of demonstrating how it works.   The article also gives a good cross section of the…
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Temporary issue with outbound email from Cyber Tech Cafe

We have just noted an issue with some of our outbound emails being queued, resulting in some non-delivery reports.  We have confirmed that none of our servers are blacklisted and all appear to be functioning properly.  Troubleshooting to this point indicates that there is a problem on the ISP side and we are working to get the problem resolved ASAP.  I will post a response here as soon as a resolution has been reached.
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Followup and analysis on the Skype Work reported on 9 October

Back on 9 October, I reported on a worm that was spreading (primarily) via Skype.  Today, I found a good write-up on the worm, how it spread and a very important component to it's success (user action required).  The story is available here and was carried by Packet Storm Security (lends a lot of credibility).  I'll spare you all of the details (available in the article) but some important things to take from it are: It was spreading via Skype initially but later was found to also be using the Instant Messenger networks.  Skype quickly acknowledged the problem and released a statement on their website. It was spreading via a link, requiring that users click on the link.  Even though the link a) was to a valid URL shortening service (Google) and was…
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New virus targeting Skype users

There is a new worm making the rounds that is specifically targeting Skype users.  There are details in the linked article but the short story is that Skype users are receiving phishing emails asking  "is this your new profile pic?".  If you click on the link, the virus code is launched.  Skype has advised that they are looking into ways to mitigate the problem and have advised all users to upgrade to the latest version and make certain that their computers are up to date.  If you are a Skype user, beware.   Article
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Update to Adobe Flash Player patches vulnerability that can cause a system crash and / or allow an attacker access to a vulnerable system

On 8 October, Adobe released an update to address a vulnerability in it's Adobe Flash Player that can enable an attacker to crash or compromise vulnerable systems.  The vulnerability affects Flash Player on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.  All users are encouraged to update.  From the Adobe article: Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.278 and earlier versions for Windows, Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265 and earlier versions for Macintosh, Adobe Flash Player and earlier for versions for Linux, Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Android 4.x, and Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Android 3.x and 2.x. These updates address vulnerabilities that could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb12-22.html
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Why you shouldn’t use the ‘firewall’ that your ISP gives you? More than 4.5 million DSL modems attacked and breached, resulting in viruses and stolen information.

Just this week (or was it last week?) I was asked again by a client why he needed to purchase a firewall when his ISP was going to give him one for free.  This can sometimes be a difficult thing to explain to someone trying to get the most bang for their IT buck and their ISP is telling them that they're getting a 'firewall' for free (while their IT guy is trying to sell them one) but the fact is, you need one.  There are several reasons (most are noted on the US CERT website) but the one that we're going to focus on here is the easy one, they aren't secure.  The device that you get from your ISP is a device that they can / will 'manage' for you.  They…
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October 2012 Patch Tuesday

October will see seven bulletins from Microsoft, one addressing a vulnerability listed as critical in Microsoft Office and Windows Server, nothing (yet) from Adobe since APSA12-01 and Java will have it's 'regular' update, currently scheduled for 16 October (it's been eerily quiet from the Oracle camp lately).  There are a few other noteworthy items this month that I will covering in additional articles.   Microsoft Microsoft released 7 bulletins this moth including 1 critical and 7 listed as important.  The critical bulletin addresses a vulnerability in Microsoft Office and Windows Server.  The vulnerability in Office seems to be being downplayed a bit, noting that it 'only really affects Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word 2010'.  The downside though is that it can allow remote code execution and I really don't know that many folks…
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