Preparations for potential severe weather

With so many companies transitioning some, most or all of their workforce to teleworking and the potential for severe weather over the next day or so, it's likely that a number of organizations will start the day tomorrow with outages and connectivity problems. It's a little close to the wire but we wanted to reach out with some quick thoughts on managing weather-related issues or outages. Appoint a person or small group as a primary point of contact for problems. Funnel all support requests and reports through that person or small group. With so many people working remote, it's likely that large groups of workers will impacted by the same or similar events (e.g., everyone with Comcast is down, everyone with AT&T is down, everyone in Marietta is down, everyone…
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April 2018 News and Updates

Monthly Newsletters
Executive Summary - There were significant updates from Microsoft and Adobe this month as long as a minor update to Java.  The most interesting updates that I've seen thus far address a vulnerability in the Windows Font Library (CVE-2018-1010, -1012, -1013, -1015, -1016).  These could be exploited remotely by an attacker via social engineering attack (phishing, etc.) to get access as the logged-on user and then chained together with a privilege escalation vulnerability (like CVE 2018-1034) to gain administrative or system level access. News Managed Firewall Services - We are considering offering a managed firewall solution and are looking for 3 to 5 clients that would be interested in helping us to pilot the program.  Test sites would need to have a minimum of 5 workstations and a maximum of 10…
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