Is your network safe while you’re gone for the holidays?

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I just saw this article about the ordeal a Network / Systems Administrator went through as the result of a ransomware attack. If you're a business owner or Network / Systems Administrator for your organization, here are some quick lessons learned to consider before leaving for the holidays. Lessons Learned Do not expose RDP to the Internet - Remote desktop is a tool that's built into Windows to connect to other Windows computers remotely. It's incredibly convenient way to get remote access to a computer for legitimate users as well as the bad guys. A good rule of thumb, do not expose RDP to the Internet. FortiGate firewalls include both an SSL VPN and a web-based portal that makes accessing RDP over the Internet securely trivial. All of the backups…
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July 2018 News and Updates

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Executive Summary - The Cyber Tech Cafe Managed Services program was, by all metrics, an overwhelming success.  It's always good to see organizations taking a more proactive role in securing their infrastructure and even better to be able to play a part in it.  There were significant updates from Microsoft and Adobe this month but Adobe certainly took the cake with over 100 patches issued. News Managed Firewall Services - We announced in April that we were considering offering a managed firewall option.  The initial offer was very well received and we'd like to expand it to 5 additional clients.  The price for the base package is $169 per month and includes a firewall and daily reporting on it's performance and activity.  All of the routine management (license renewals, firmware updates,…
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