November 2022 News & Updates

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Six Zero Day vulnerabilities patched by Microsoft this month, all of which are being actively exploited by threat actors. All MyIT Customers should be updated and protected against all of these vulnerabilities but it is critical to reboot if prompted by the update management tool. Updates to Policies and Procedures - We will be posting our updated policies and procedures to our current Policies and Procedures page in January. Upcoming End of Life for Windows Server 2012 - In October 2023, Microsoft will be ending support for it's Windows Server 2012 operating system, meaning anyone currently using Windows Server 2012 will need to make plans to replace it before October. 2022 Holiday Schedule Thanksgiving - Closing Thursday, 24 November and re-opening for regular business on Monday, 28 November. Christmas &…
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February 2021 News & Updates

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Executive Summary A remote attacker was able to breach a water treatment facility in an attempt to poison the water supply. The facility was running Windows 7, using shared passwords, Teamviewer for remote access and had no firewall in place. Thankfully, the attack was thwarted. Additional information is available here and here.We are excited to announce that we will be looking into more / different / better ways to interact with you over the coming weeks and months. I don't have a lot of details available to share at the moment but announcements will be made on our website and mailing list as we're able to share more.Quite a few of you noticed some changes that we're making to the MyIT systems including the ability to push critical updates (like…
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New Critical Vulnerability in Google Chrome Browser (Patch Now)

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A new zero day vulnerability has been discovered in the Google Chrome browser that could allow arbitrary code execution on vulnerable systems. Details are scarce at this time (details below) but the short story is that users running Google Chrome versions prior to 76.0.3809.132 should patch now. Cyber Tech Cafe MyIT clients should already have the updates but are encouraged to restart Google Chrome (or reboot) to ensure that the updates are applied. Additional information on our MyIT program is available here. The issue is being tracked under CVE-2019-5869Additional details are available here
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